A Few Good Men

Wednesday, February 2, 2011 by Mike Taylor

We recently have had the pleasure of being part of a few large scale shows simultaneously.  While selling those shows can be difficult, with shrinking budgets, I can always count on the quality of work that we deliver.   Most of my sales require me to be at home after meeting with our clients.  Having a trusted team of well trained audio engineers helps me to feel well rested and confident that we are providing the best possible customer service possible.  The thing that helps differentiate our team from other companies is that we use mostly in house engineers.  That means that our crew is well trained in all of the equipment that we send on the road.

When our crew leaves the shop and heads out for the road, they can rest knowing that they, or their group of peers, have personally tested their systems before they are out in front of the client.  That gives them a huge advantage when it comes time for the last minute adjustments that come with doing a live show.  Our team proudly and seamlessly helps deliver the message to our audiences, every time.

I am very proud to have a team of men who are the very best at their craft.  They make what I do possible.  They deliver what I sell and that is immeasurable.

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