Pro Audio Sales

Our Pro Audio Sales goal is to find the real solutions you need, after that, the sales take care of themselves!
CTS represents the top manufacturers of professional audio/video equipment. When you buy pro gear from CTS, you get the benefit of our expertise in concert touring and professional installations from around the world. Volume pricing, top manufacturers and true expertise eliminate buyer’s remorse when you purchase your gear from CTS Audio.


AKG • Alesis • Apogee Electronics
Audio-Technica • Aviom • Countryman
Crestron • Crown • DBX • Denon • JBL
Lexicon Mackie • Marantz • Neumann
Pelican • PreSonus • QSC • Sennheiser
Shure • Soundcraft • Tascam • Ultrasone
Westone • Whirlwind • Yamaha